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Environmentally-friendly sanitizing and
cleaning water products.


"I had a wart on my arm, which really freaked me out, went to the plastic surgeon to have it removed, got scared, instead sprayed it with the DeCou product for about 30 days, it got hard and fell off with no scar!!"

R. Steiner

We use DeCou products in our kickboxing gym and love the results. We clean all our equipment with their cleanser and spray our boxing gloves with the disinfectant. Those of you who box know the gloves get pretty nasty, these products have saved our members tons of money on not having to replace their gloves as frequently.

A. Acevedo

I use these products in my chiropractic practice and am amazed at the speed at which cuts and scrapes heal. On a personal note, my mother had shingles and we sprayed her body with a DeCou product and the pain went away, it didn't heal the shingles but did make her much more comfortable.

J. Whitlow

Their products are fantastic, we use them in our restaurant in both the front and back of the house, everything is clean and bacteria free. Would highly recommend this company, an ease to do business with.

A. Lavelle